ART is a Journey…..

Nothing better than picking up a brush, paints, and canvas while signing off for the day. It’s the best stress-buster, even if you spend just 15 minutes every day. Take that creative break, let your imagination flow, and watch your worries fade away in the colors.

Art isn’t just about the final masterpiece; it’s the journey of self-expression and relaxation. So, grab your tools and paint your stress away!  Remember, a little art each day keeps the stress at bay.



3 thoughts on “ART is a Journey…..”

  1. I would highly recommend the Warli art session. It really does unlock a door to creativity, I find myself doodling with warli symbols all the time since. The lampshade class, so simple and the results look great.
    I would really recommend Priyanka, a wonderful, calm and patient teacher.

    Tom Herdman

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