Fine Art summer Camp for Kids

Welcome to the Fine Art Summer Camp hosted by Priyanka Mittal Paintings! The camp is designed to make the summer mornings of your kids filled with creativity and fun. The kids will explore their artistic abilities and learn different art mediums and techniques. At the end of the camp, they can carry three masterpieces created by themselves under our expert guidance.

The nine-hour summer camp will be spread over three days, i.e. three hours everyday.

Age Group

8 – 13 years

Date and Time

Wed 3rd July – Fri 5th July, 10:30 – 13:30 every day.

Wed 21st Aug – Fri 23rd Aug, 10:30 – 13:30 every day.


The price of the summer camp is €110 including all supplies. A deposit of €20 can be made to book your place, and you must deposit the remaining fees at least one week from the commencement of the camp.

Special Offer

There are two special offers:

  • For our existing students, there is a discount of €5, so the cost of the camp is €105.
  • If two or more places are booked together, each one gets a discount of €5, so the cost of the camp is €105.

Booking Form for the Summer Camp

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